Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Comment

So Feminique and Pat and I were talking the other day about how no one's left a comment for us in ages. Why? we wondered. It's certainly not the case that no one visits this blog anymore, seeing as how we're really the only feminist site that completely supports and strives after the spirit of Miriam Therese Winter. Then we wondered whether possibly our posts have either resounded with so many oppressed women and/or converted so many oppressive patriarchs that no one disagrees with us by the time they're done reading (and thus, no comments).

THEN, Pat started choking on her tofu casserole and screaming, "Men! Men! MEN!" She usually does that at some point each day, so Feminique and I thought little of it and continued our discussion of the comments problem. This time was different, though. "Men!" Pat shouted again. "Comment has the word MEN in it!!!" Of course. And to think we've let that go for five months now ... our bad.

So that's why the combox is so empty. We're sorry, and due changes have been made. You may now feel free to congratulate us, encourage us, or both, by leaving a commYnt, without having to sell out to patriarchy.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Three years ago today...

We all died inside...


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Damn, I hate men

We've been pretty quiet around here lately, and I just felt like telling everyone how much I hate men.

Wow, it's unbelievable how evil men are. Perhaps it would be good for us all to re-evaluate reasons why we hate them.

1. They are patriarchal, authoritarian jerks.

2. They hold way too many positions of authority in the Church and in government.

3. They watch football.

4. They kill animals and eat them.

Sometimes I hate men so much that, in the words of Ashlee Simpson, it makes me want to scream. (I'm glad in popular society, by the way, that we have talented and liberated wymyn like Ashlee who are able to eloquently and beautifully express the thoughts of her sisters through song. To think that such beautiful art just wouldn't have been allowed in the Dark Ages of the 1950's when those rotten Catholic bishops--perhaps the single most evil group of men in human history--were basically telling the American television and film industry what they couldn't broadcast. Thank God we've progressed to the point where such beautiful art as this is much more commonplace. Though notice the cretins in the crowd--from sexist places like Oklahoma, most of them--booed her. How dare they!)

Since men are here, and, sadly, here to stay, it seems we should give a model for what our ideal man should be. This is difficult, because it's like saying what our ideal Pope would be like--it shouldn't be there in the first place, but if you had to choose the least damaging option...

At any rate, he'd probably look something like this:

Well, that's all for today sisters. How have you harmed a man today?