Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Enemies

Enemy #1
What can possibly be said about this menace? He is an evil Nazi (German = Nazi, right?) who hates women, minorities, and probably small children. He is intent on destroying LitHERgy by insisting on outdated music, outdated (and intrinsically oppressive) languages, and look at those vestments!!!! How can you effectively communicate the spirit beHIIIIIND the belly button with vestments like that?!?! GAH! So sad that our brothers and sisters in the Episcopal Church are the only ones with good vestments (I don't join the Episcopalians because Catholicism is my faith tradition from when the Gaia Mother first breathed my spirit into me after I was born...that and I want to be a plague and an annoyance on good Catholics as much as I possibly can.)
Enemy #2

Now, Brett Favre...the man basically is pure American Man, and there are few things we hate more. Football is a plague upon our society that needs to be eradicated for its sexism and its promotion of masculinity, and nobody screams "football" as much as Brett Favre. He makes MY crawly skin crawl, if you can believe it...

Gah I can't stand it anymore!! WOMANSPIRIT COME FORTH!!!