Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Damn, I hate men

We've been pretty quiet around here lately, and I just felt like telling everyone how much I hate men.

Wow, it's unbelievable how evil men are. Perhaps it would be good for us all to re-evaluate reasons why we hate them.

1. They are patriarchal, authoritarian jerks.

2. They hold way too many positions of authority in the Church and in government.

3. They watch football.

4. They kill animals and eat them.

Sometimes I hate men so much that, in the words of Ashlee Simpson, it makes me want to scream. (I'm glad in popular society, by the way, that we have talented and liberated wymyn like Ashlee who are able to eloquently and beautifully express the thoughts of her sisters through song. To think that such beautiful art just wouldn't have been allowed in the Dark Ages of the 1950's when those rotten Catholic bishops--perhaps the single most evil group of men in human history--were basically telling the American television and film industry what they couldn't broadcast. Thank God we've progressed to the point where such beautiful art as this is much more commonplace. Though notice the cretins in the crowd--from sexist places like Oklahoma, most of them--booed her. How dare they!)

Since men are here, and, sadly, here to stay, it seems we should give a model for what our ideal man should be. This is difficult, because it's like saying what our ideal Pope would be like--it shouldn't be there in the first place, but if you had to choose the least damaging option...

At any rate, he'd probably look something like this:

Well, that's all for today sisters. How have you harmed a man today?


Miss Ondrya said...

"4. They kill animals and eat them."

That's wrong, I admit. After all, animals are innocent. We should really have put lesbians on the menu.

averagejoesgym said...

The nightmare men must deal with women is far worse. 24/7 whining, wanting equal everything except responsibility, smelling like a tuna can "down there", never being happy with anything, expecting your sexuality to get you the same favors when you get older as it did when you were young....dang...nasty ho's.

andy said...

you are just jealous because you are all stupid and weak. i hate women as much as you hate men but there is one differance hehehe you have to fear people like us. I love serial killers who prey on women. you all care only for kids your friends(female of course and shoes. drop dead whores

Anonymous said...

averagejoesgym, you think you got it worse? Ha! Look at the unfair treatment women still get around the world, even in this "enlightened" age. Living with men is a total nightmare! They take everything from us, oppress us, rape us, murder us, and you say that living with women is a nightmare? Open your eyes! You males really are violent wild animals with no control over yourselves. And as for whining, what about you stupid men always whining for dinner, whining for this, whining for that. You're nothing but a bunch of overgrown toddlers! And at least we don't smell like shit up and "down there" like men do!

Now onto Andy, why not say that comment outloud to a woman, or better yet a police officer that you love serial killers who prey on women. You seriously are one sick fuck who needs to locked up for life! Or better yet, put down like the rabid dog you are! You think women are weak? Well, let's see you men get pregnant and give birth! We are strong, much stronger than any man, and a hell of a lot smarter! It's not hard to be smarter than a man, though. A rock has more brain power than a typical man.

Men suck! They make the world such a terrible place to live. Such stupid, inferior, pathetic creatures. Why do women tolerate them?

The PaNDiNaToR said...

I tend to agree with the theory of men-as-neanderthal theory, but I myself have XY chromosomes. Men are self-serving sexually obsessed dogs that really are a thorn in this world's side. I was "gay" growing up so I went through the same shit with men as most women do, and I had to put up with two dead beat dads that expected my mom to work full time AND take care of the house. I don't usually get along with my own kind, and think the world would be far off if men could drop the masculine bullshit and just act like women do.

So women, your not the only ones who hate us men. A lot of us men do to. Ass holes.