Monday, January 14, 2008


In our never-ending search for ways to reach out to our culture, we here at the Herm*neutic of Suspicion have found that many popular blogs on the Other Side, such as the Sober Sophomore and Infelix Ego, occasionally post entertaining quiz results.

Unfortunately, the Sober Sophomore this week, despite being on retreat, has attracted over twice as many visitors with her old-fashioned holy-picture-things as we have with our daily dose of womantruth. Discouraging? Yes. But it has always been our motto: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em; then once you've joined 'em, steal their ideas, leave 'em, and then beat 'em. Thus, we too have now opened up the depths of our womanspirits in taking the online "Militant Feminist Quiz." Results follow:

Disappointing. It seems I have more of a soft spot than I'd thought. I need a good slap in the face.


Considering her relatively recent conversion to the cause (that's a story for another day), this is a promising score. The thing with 'Nique is that having been in the education business for so long, her exposure to the kids has compromised her ability to harbor high levels of violent anger. But seeing as how she's jumped 19 points in the last two months, she'll probably be in the 90s by March.

That's what we like to see!

Please note: while the Herm*neutic of Suspicion has gladly dispensed with traditional ideas of morality, we do still possess a sense of decency, and thus in all honesty must advise our viewers not to follow the link and take this quiz. The questions become rather offensive toward the end, and we all would have been better off not having taken the questionnaire. Unfortunately it is about the only militant feminist quiz we could find.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this post is from January! Now it is April and all we non-humor-impaired people, I mean womyn, would like to see some new stuff! How can you expect to compete for a Cannonball Award this way??? Please, please, please?!