Saturday, January 5, 2008

Listen to this!

Just came across this online -- a recording of "We Are Not Servants," as mentioned in my last post. Good stuff. Would probably be good for your WomanMeditation today if you haven't done so already.

Also, thanks to our old friend the Sober Sophomore for her gracious nod to us in her post yesterday. She's quite a gal -- horribly misguided, of course, don't believe ANYTHING you read on her blog -- but a good friend nonetheless.


Bp. Neumann said...

Dear ladies --

Today is my feast day, so I just wanted to tell you that your blog is clearly fueled by passion, not reason, that your writing is incoherent, and that if you had been in my diocese I would have placed the three of you under interdict.

That said, I am fervently praying with sincere charity for all of you.

Your friend,

+ John N. Neumann

Pat said...

Oh, you're just another meanie old bishop. That was already a beautiful hyr, and Darlene just made it even more beautiful with her beautiful new womanlyrics (don't be modest Darlene, we know you wrote it, and modesty is so lame anyway...Your lyrics are so beautiful--although beauty is kinda a sexist construct...hmmm). Next thing ya know, you'll be telling us we're disordered (oh like we haven't heard THAT one before).

This blog sucks said...

Sober Sophomore is a woman, too. Stop hating holy women! You're the reason why peace and love are never achieved. You harlot!

Anonymous said...

Amen sister. Amen!

Darlene said...

First of all, thank you to Anonymous for her kindly "Amen sister." With regards to TBS's hateful words: dear, dear. We here at the Hermeneutic of Suspicion do not hate anyone except for men. I SAID that the Sober Sophomore is a friend, and I meant it. She has such a strong mind and spirit and could be quite a promising young feminist if she could only see the light! Unfortunately she's bought into all that old-fashioned Catholic bunk like original sin, papal infallibility, morality, right and wrong, Humanae Vitae, and the like. (*sigh*)

Incidentally, TBS, your screen name is quite correct when it comes to this blog, and that is quite intentional on our part -- look on Sober Sophomore and you'll find us under the "Laugh at Yourself" heading. Ok, now to step back into character ...

Ma Beck said...

That's the first time I've ever heard anyone call anyone else a harlot.
It rocked.

I'm going to start using that word, replacing the tired old "tart" of my vocabulary.

Woo! I'm excited. Now, to the Mall!