Saturday, December 22, 2007

Darlene's Book of the Week

Peace, joy, and equality to you, sisters:

In our continual battle against the lopsidedly sexist world of prayerbooks, we women must help each other find empowering liturgical texts. Unfortunately, they are few and far between. Fortunately, my entire existence is devoted to finding them. As a happy service to you, sisters, I'd like to share with you a wonderful lectionary and psalter for use in your church: WomanWord, compiled by Miriam Therese Winter, and beautifully illustrated by Meinrad Craighead.

...and by "Look inside" I mean "Please-support-the-feminist-movement-by-actually-purchasing-this-book-and-then look inside." Amazon (a wonderful company named after a fierce band of womenwarriors) is offering this lectionary used at a pretty competitive price. I could try to describe it, but I'll let the back cover give you a much better description:

"WomanWord ... a rich new resource for women--and men--to celebrate the women in our New Testament heritage. WomanWord--ideal for all denominations--includes ... a Mother-in-law's Psalm, a Little Girl's Psalm, a Psalm for Women in Leadership, a WomanPsalm of Praise, a Psalm to the Cosmic Christa. Personal reflections, prayers, and exquisite illustrations by Meinrad Craighead complete each celebration."

There is a vast selection of sacred womanmusic in the appendix as well. Unfortunately the above description does not do justice to the illustrations; this psalter is graced by over thirty poignant visuals such as this heartrending woodcut of Mary's sister:

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Get it for your readers! Buy it for the band at church! Ask your priestess to buy it in bulk!

Those of you who have either used WomanWord before or have just purchased this book following this recommendation, please feel free to leave your feedback and testimonials in the comment box!

Fem Love,


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