Saturday, December 22, 2007


On behalf of this blog and women everywhere, I'd like to welcome Feminique, a good friend and as independent and empowered a woman as you'll ever meet. I hadn't talked to her for ages before recently, when we finally got a chance to catch up over lunch. She is a professor now, feeding vital energy into the women's movement by means of the education of our young ladies.

I would also like to welcome Pat. I do not know Pat, nor do I even know whether she is a "she." All I can tell you is that if Pat turns out to be a man, I will drop-kick his sorry little chauvinistic behind off of this blog before he can say "Betty Friedan."

Good to have you, Pat.

(N.B., authorship of this blog is extremely selective and exclusive. I am forced to conduct hyper-detailed background checks of applicants, in order to weed out two types of bad eggs. First are satirists who are trying furtively to undermine the women's movement by posing as feminists on the blogosphere. Second are self-professed feminists who are unwittingly still somewhat brainwashed by patriarchal forces, and whose views are thus far too moderate and unrealistic to contribute any good to the blog; for example, those who think that women and men can coexist by peacefully splitting leadership roles, or that we can accept as true more than about 10% of what the four E-man-gelists wrote in their sexist Gospels.

Therefore, while we here at the Hermeneutic of Suspicion are universally inclusive to all women when it comes to reading and commenting, we are at the same time rather--well, suspicious--in allowing new contributors. Only the strong can win this war.)

Fem love,


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