Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beware Bad Books: Week I

In addition to Feminique's weekly literary recommyndations, it is also important to point out other kinds of books; namely, books that one ought not to read. Whether outdated, patriarchal, sexist, ugly, or just plain offensive, these books are still floating around and must be avoided.

This week's dangerous tome is an innocent-looking red-and-grey volume called the St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism. A quick rating will explain this:

Outdated: Yes. As if things we taught children in the '50s are still good for teaching them in today's world. Patriarchal: Yes. Sexist: Yes yes. See discussion below. Ugly: The many illustrations look far too much like real people, and use metaphors too frequently. Kids aren't ready for such things until they're at least 15. Just plain offensive: Again, yes.

If you don't believe me, just take a look at this part of the chapter on "Holy Matrimony" (a sexist word, by the way, which we will explore in a later post). The children are supposed to come up with a list of virtues that will prepare them for a happy marriage. And ....

Oh wow. Look at that -- of course, the girls get the unreasonable demands thrown on them. The very fact that there are two separate lists is bad enough, but then they have to go and patronize us by throwing in under the boys' list "respect for girls" and such. We don't need their stinking respect!

Well, enough space wasted on the Baltimore Catechism. Just don't read it, and if you meet anyone teaching from it, then please report it to us. We will take the necessary steps.


Anonymous said...

What a dumb blog!!

Thomas said...

I pray this isn't serious. And if that prayer is answered, I pray that no one reading it thinks it is serious. Maybe I just don't have a good sense of humor (actually, I know I don't, but that's life).

Darlene said...

Dear Thomas,

Your prayer has indeed been answered. Our intent is simply to reveal the anger, fear, irrationality, and incoherence of the feminist movement in the most ridiculous light possible. We ourselves are very much Catholic, very much of an older fashion, and very much fans of the Baltimore Catechism. (In fact, we have unworthily been nominated in three categories for the Catholic Blogs Award this year.)

That said, we apologize if this post has dissuaded any homeschool parents from using the Balt. Catech. for their children. Although if they were swayed by this post, they probably shouldn't be teaching homeschool in the first place.

Our sense of humor is probably at the other end of the spectrum sometimes, we admit.

God bless and thanks for writing,


[Now to step back into my bitter man-hating persona ...]